Soccer Goes Above and Beyond


Alright, let me share a little story to you all: During this school year of 2022-2023, I have witnessed one of the best sports teams that has ever played for any school. Our boys varsity soccer team have really stepped up their game this year, and I’m more than impressed. Astonished, I may even say. Kicking and scoring goals wasn’t all they just did, these boys have spent lots of their blood, sweat, tears and every last bit of their strength to show the state of Illinois that they mean no mercy. The team has nailed down so many other teams in regional AND sectional games. But not only that! They’ve managed to cause a big shock that will forever be paved and crafted in RHS history: They achieved a Sectional Champions victory that moved them to Super-Sectionals, AND they also won the Super-Sectional Champions in some of the most intense games this school has ever faced! Our Spartans then had one more game left, facing off against the Naperville Central Redhawks for the State Finals. On Saturday, November 5th, 2022, the Spartans did the best they could. However, the Redhawks triumphed over with a score of 0-1, causing the Spartans to have a silver season, ranked 2nd place of all school soccer teams in the state. It takes lots of time, skill and hard work to get such an extraordinary rank, and I for one am more than proud of every single player that has played for this team. Everyone is proud! I would like to congratulate our coaches, our wonderful managers and–of course–every single student that has taken the time to step foot onto many fields just to get a chance to see our players give it their all and cheer them on. Finally, a once more special shoutout to our seniors for an outstanding run one last time. May the rest of your destined futures come to a great reality. This is your fellow writer, Ivan Jones, signing off. Go, Spartans!