Senior Spotlight


For this senior snapshot we have Anna Gomez (On the left photo) and Sarah Ballon (On the right) who have been friends for years. There were four people but they decided to work together.These are some of their favorites; Anna’s favorite movie is Tangled, her favorite show is Teen Wolf, her favorite holiday is Christmas (like duh the only right answer) and her favorite subject is English. As for Sarah her favorite movie is Avengers: Infinity War, her favorite show is Jane The Virgin, her favorite holiday is also Christmas and her favorite subject is Science. Anna’s dream vacation is Greece and Sarah’s dream vacation is the Bahamas. They both have current jobs, Anna works at Goodwill and Sarah works at McDonald’s, and they are both planning on going to college after high school. In 5 years they both see themselves graduating college and working towards their goal. I had asked them to give some advice to incoming Freshmen’s and this is what they had to say; “Get your work done, have fun and just enjoy your time”-Anna Gomez. “Pay Attention to your work, get involved in clubs or sports and you will be fine”- Sarah Ballon.