Mini opinion: What is the worst way to ask someone to homecoming?

  1. Text message- Alyssa Kitchens (12)
  2. Through a Tik Tok- Julian Mani (12)
  3. A poster written in pencil- Annabelle Balsiger (12)
  4. Over the phone- Jordan Wackins (11)
  5. With a pickup line- Mannuel de le Rosa (12)
  6. Guilt tripping or forcing them- Sam Boatey (12)
  7. Phone call, text, having someone else asking them- Monica Sandoval (12)
  8. Over text- Vale Garcia (12)
  9. By phrasing it as you’re doing a favor like “oh if you have no one else to go with I guess I could go with you”- Logan Anderson (11)
  10. By going to their house when they didn’t tell you their address- Adam Bloniarz (12)
  11. Telling them to meet you in the bathroom- Kristyn Sliepka (12)
  12. Through someone else- Meechie Pantin (11)
  13. Asking them the day right before over text- Nazh Macalandong (12)
  14. Either not asking at all or the grand gestures- Chase Carroll (11)
  15. The day of- Myron Brown (12)
  16. Over text- Jan Fruty (12)
  17. Text- Bryce Bowman (12)
  18. A half done proposal or something with no effort- Na’kaia Thomas (12)
  19. Board with a huge crowd- Ivan Jones (11)
  20. In front of a crowd- Kylie welsh (11)