Meet the Hip-Hop Duo that Kicked Off Homecoming in “R House”


In an action packed assembly full of surprises, one of the most memorable was the hip-hop duo of MALO (senior Myron Brown) and Dre 05IVE (senior Devin Williams) performing their song “R House”.

When approached with the idea the duo worked hard arranging music, crafting lyrics, and putting together a song to represent our school.  For the first time performing together, the pair worked synced seamlessly to put out an exciting and engaging performance to set the tone for the celebration of RHS talent that is the Homecoming Assembly.

Mr. Hill, who teaches percussion and music production, approached the students to be a part of the main performance with the purpose of highlighting a culture that is strong in RHS and needs to be represented through talented students here at RHS. Mr. Hill stated, “I’m very proud of their professionalism and I knew I  could trust them to provide positive content and keep the energy high in the assembly.”